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Principal: Martin Madrid

Santa Rosa High School
717 South 3rd Street
Santa Rosa, NM 88435

Phone: (575) 472-3422
Fax: (575) 472-3169



District Goals 2014-15

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Santa Rosa High School

Welcome to Santa Rosa High School’s website, “Home of the Mighty Lions!” Santa Rosa High School is situated on the Eastern Plains of New Mexico. Our High School is nestled along the Pecos River and is surrounded by beautiful mesas that create a picturesque scenic vista. The sunsets and full moon illuminations in this area are quite breathtaking. Route 66 and the railroad are trademarks of our community, for they have been a travelers’ delight since the late 1920s.  SRHS has been academically servicing the Santa Rosa area for well over 100 years.   The Class of 2012 will be the 100th Graduating Class.  Students are bused in from various little communities such as Anton Chico, Puerto De Luna, Cuervo, Newkirk and other small Spanish villages that have been in existence prior to the 1900s. Interestingly, the first high school in the area was known as Guadalupe County High School in 1904. In 1912 Santa Rosa has its first high school and in 1923 the “Alamo” was built, becoming a high school trademark for over 50 years.  Many of our SRHS Alumni who graduated from the “Alamo” have fond and pleasant memories with regards to an excellent education and a purple and white lively school spirit.  Our current high school has been around since 1966 showcasing over 66 graduating classes. The typical graduating class at SRHS varies from 40 to 60 students. Our alumni base pretty much circumnavigates the world with many of our Alumni holding professional and influential positions.


SRHS thanks to all the alumni who have attended and those who have chosen to wear purple and white.  We look forward to the future and hopes of providing a sound education to all incoming students.  Our motto is, “We Prepare Today for Our Dreams of Tomorrow.”

Student Information

Health Notice to Parents

1st  Quarter Honor Roll

Santa Rosa High School



“A” Honor Roll

“B” Honor Roll

Baca, Jasmine

Apodaca, Nicholas

Blancarte, Jesus

Campos, Joseph

Crisostomo, Gerard

Chavez, Leanza

Marez, Pryce

Chavez, Pablo

Sanchez, Danielle

Copeland, Tyler

Tenorio, Steven

Madrid, Ryan


Manka, Tiffany


Moncayo, James


Montano, Devin


Sanchez, Jacob


Sanchez, Nathan


Sisneros, Chandelle


Velasquez, Isaac


“A” Honor Roll

“B” Honor Roll

Baca, Robert

Apodaca, Destiny

Chavez, Felisha

Chavez, Matthew

Guillen, Josseline

Gallegos, Javier

Gutierrez, Yvonne

Heber, Anna

Higgins, Amber

Kotiar, Anamika

Maestas, Nicholas

Lopez, Joaquin

Rodarte, Christina

Madera, Desire

Salas, Theresa

Micelli, Anthony

Tenorio, Angelique

Moncayo, Sydney


Mulkey, Montana


Munoz, Aric


Ortega, Georgia


Ortega, Santiago


Perea, Krista


Quintana, Felicia


Saiz, Mark


Zambrano, Megan


Zitz, Philomena


“A” Honor Roll

“B” Honor Roll

Armendariz, Jelyan

Apodaca, Silviano

Benally, Sharmaine

Chavez, Christian

Chavez, Ayliah

Esquibel, Joseph

Crisostomo, Maria

Green, Lauren

Jimenez, Alejandro

Jaramillo, Maria

Rodarte, Crucita

Ortega, Czarina

Zamora, Katie

Sanchez, Joaquin


Sanchez, Matthew


Ulibarri, Emilio


“A” Honor Roll

“B” Honor Roll

Chavez, Dominica

Blancarte, Rosario

Garnand, Mikayla

Garcia, Miquella

Gonzales, Nicolette

Griego, Mina

Madero, Ashley

Lopez, Erik

Schattschneider, Cody

Lucero, Caroline

Shank, Christine

Marquez, Kaitlyn

Shank, Sarah

Matta, Samantha

Sisneros, Cassandra

Padilla, Charmayne

Ulibarri, Kaitlyn

Patel, Jankie


Rael IV, Benito


Romero, Francisco


Romero, Jayden


Romero, Jazmine


Saiz, Dannica


Saiz, Noah


Silva, Jazmine


Swaggart, Katie


Trujillo, Aislyn


Villanueva, Carrie


Villanueva, Krystin






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